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  • What is College Bound?

    College Bound is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization that provides academic programs and services to prepare underserved students and their families for admission into and graduation from four-year institutions of higher education.
  • What is STEM Enrichment Academy??

    STEM Enrichment Academy is a supplemental, out-of-school program for students in grades 4-11 and their parents/guardians. Through our project-based curriculum, students gain early-exposure to STEM-related careers, apply math and science skills in real-world contexts, and utilize critical thinking, problem solving and teamwork to accomplish tasks.
  • Where does STEM Enrichment Academy take place?

    Our STEM Enrichment Academy operates on two college campuses: University of Southern California (USC), California State University, and Pomona College.
  • When is STEM Enrichment Academy?

    Students attend STEM Enrichment Academy once a month from 8:30am-12:30 pm. College Bound families should check the calendar on the home page for the campus for which you are enrolled.
  • Are parents required to attend STEM Enrichment Academy?

    Yes. Parent involvement is mandatory. College Bound is not a drop-off program. Parents/guardians are required to attend STEM Enrichment Academy with their children.
  • Is there a Parent/Student Orientation?

    Our STEM Enrichment Academy Orientation takes place in September. Check the calendar for the date and time.
  • Who does College Bound serve?

    College Bound provides programs and services to nearly 1,900 students (K - college), their families, and alumni. Ninety percent (90%) of our families are African American.
  • What are some of College Bound's accomplishments?

    • 100% of our students have graduated from high school and matriculated on to college.
    • 98% of our high school graduates have been accepted and enrolled in four-year institutions of higher education, with the other 2% enrolling in community college.
    • 88% of our college graduates attained college degrees in 4-6 years, more than twice the national average.
    • 60% pursued advanced degrees.
    • Since 1994, we have been instrumental in acquiring over $33 million in academic scholarships for students.
  • What are some of the colleges/universities College Bound high school graduates have gone on to attend?

    • University of California: Berkeley, Irvine, Los Angeles, Riverside, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, San Diego.
    • California State University: Dominguez Hills, Fresno, Fullerton, Long Beach, Northridge, Sacramento.
    • Ivy League: Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, Yale University.
    • HBCU: Bowie State University, Florida A&M University, Hampton University, Howard University, Wiley College, Xavier University.
    • Other: Carnegie Mellon, Holy Names University, Georgetown University, MIT, Pomona College, Stanford University, University of Chicago, University of Michigan, University of Southern California, Washington University of St. Louis.
  • What are College Bound's eligibility requirements?

    Participation requirements are as follows: minimum GPA of 2.5 (grades 4-8) and 2.8 (grades 9-10); family interview; family participation (parent & student); and fundraiser participation.
  • I am interested in enrolling my child, but s/he does not meet the minimum GPA requirement. How can I get my child involved in the program?

    College Bound offers supplemental services for students who do not meet the minimum GPA requirement. The student is also placed on the waiting list for the following year with enrollment contingent upon the student's academic progress. For more information, contact us at (562) 407-2127 or email
  • Is there a fee for programs and services?

    Yes. Enrollment fees cover one student and his/her parents for the school year.
  • I have more than one child whom I want to enroll. Is there a discount for multiple children?

    Unfortunately, not at this time. The registration fee only covers a fraction of the cost to operate the program during the school year. Because of the specialized curriculum that our students receive, the enrollment fee is required for each participant.
  • Do you offer payment plans?

    Yes. You can request a monthly payment plan upon enrollment.
  • Can I mail in my application?

    We encourage all applicants to apply online. However, if for any reason, you are unable to do so, you can submit your application to the College Bound office via U.S. mail or fax.
  • I submitted my application, does that mean my child is automatically admitted?

    No. Once you have submitted your application, College Bound will review it along with your child's report card/transcript. If you qualify, based on this initial review, College Bound staff will contact you to schedule a family interview. A final decision is made within five (5) business days and a letter confirming your admittance or denial will be mailed to you.